No more sick days: maintaining a healthy workplace

The average American employee misses 3 days of work per year due to illness, much of it during winter flu season. For employers, that translates into about $34.4 billion in lost productivity! The rise this year in cases of the flu virus H1N1 has health care officials concerned that the number of cases could be much higher this year than in recent seasons.

That said, there are a number of things employers can do to stop the spread of germs and avoid an ‘office epidemic’. Encouraging employees to wash hands frequently, get flu shots, and stay home when ill are important prevention measures. And since many people are contagious before they show signs of illness, maintaining office cleanliness should be a top priority.


Another area where employees can really help themselves is by disinfecting their work area regularly. The average desk harbors more germs than a bathroom, so regularly wiping down phones, desktops, and keyboards with disinfecting wipes is essential. Although bathrooms do indeed provide an ideal environment for bacteria and viruses, office kitchens and lunchrooms are big culprits too.

Here at Dirt Busters, our commercial cleaning crew takes special care to sanitize ‘hotspots’ — those often neglected but frequently-touched surfaces throughout the building. Doorknobs, faucet handles, elevator buttons, and microwaves are full of germs but often overlooked by employers wielding antibacterial wipes.

In addition to high traffic hotspots, workplaces can harbor unseen, unsanitary situations, most of which are caused by carelessness or lack of awareness. When changing trash can liners, for example, we often see liquid pooled in the bottom of the bin. This is typically the result of half-full cups being thrown away. Splashes on walls near trash bins can also be breeding grounds for bacteria. Using the safest, most effective cleaning products, Dirt Busters staff members are trained to clean and sanitize all work surfaces that may harbor germs.

Keeping the workplace sanitized takes some vigilance, and educating employees and coworkers about these issues will lower the germ factor, but nothing replaces a good, thorough cleaning. Employing a cleaning service with a trained commercial crew is essential in taking care of your workplace hotspots.

Dirt Busters has over 25 years of experience in commercial cleaning. We’d be happy to provide you a free estimate for service tailored to your specific workplace needs and budget. Give us a call or request a quote today!