Does Green Cleaning Always Equal Cleaning Smart?

What does cleaning smart mean? Smarter cleaning means using fewer products, spending less time, and choosing the best products for your needs. Summer often means more dirt coming into the house – kids are on vacation, yard work, rain showers, and the accompanying mud. In the past, we’ve offered some great tips on ways to clean faster and more effectively, but cleaning smarter also means assessing whether the products in your house are doing the job. Conventional vs Green Cleaning Products As a professional, I am often asked, “Which is… Read more »

Thank You To Spry

Dirt Busters would like to extend a huge thanks to Spry Digital and their patient staff! They were wonderful to work with and did an awesome job on our new website. Spry added a surprise, check it out by clicking on the hand at the bottom of our home page.

Cleaning for a Reason

Dirt Busters is a proud affiliate with the foundation, Cleaning for a Reason. Cleaning for a Reason provides residential cleaning to women undergoing cancer treatment of any kind. The free services are once a month for four months. After the free cleaning Dirt Busters provides, we are happy to continue on cleaning for patients, many of them have grown to love the services Dirt Busters offers them. For more information, please visit