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Pee-Yew! Getting the stink out of your house

A humid basement or pet odor might be something you notice from time to time, but after a while, your sniffer simply stops smelling it. Assuming you’d rather not have guests wrinkling their noses as they enter your home, you need to assess and address your home’s primary odor offenders. Here are some tips for removing common odors and giving your home some aromatic awesomeness.

What’s outside matters, too!
Three “must-do” outdoor tasks to spruce up the house.

With fall just around the corner, time for outdoor projects is growing shorter, but it’s not too late to spruce things up and improve your ‘curb appeal’ before winter comes. Even if you’re still working on your Spring Cleaning list, one weekend spent on the outside of your home will make you want to throw a block party to celebrate! Attack this low-hanging fruit to spruce up the outside of your home and start planning the barbecues.